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Session 1 - Signal:  Relatively few business intelligence professionals have been trained in basic analytical practices, so they end up chasing patterns in data that don't matter, such as random variation. As our stores of data grow (so-called Big Data), this problem increases, because most of the data that we're producing is noise. In this presentation, Stephen will provide a peek into simple visual analysis techniques that can be used to detect meaningful signals in data, even in the midst of overwhelming noise.

Session 2 - An Ideal Library of Dashboard Charts: Most dashboard products complicate the design and development process by providing dozens of charts, few of which are actually useful for monitoring information. For example, 25 gauges that vary in lighting effects and needle shapes can be replaced with a single bullet graph that can be designed in every case to do the job more effectively than a gauge. In this presentation, Stephen will present and describe the 10 graphs that are useful for performance monitoring dashboards and will then share a few advanced techniques for designing sparklines and bullet graphs.

You can learn more about Stephen Few's work at www.perceptualedge.com.