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Join us for our Final Chapter Meeting

The Modern Data Warehouse - Architecting the Data Lake

Mark Madsen

After 6 wonderful years, TDWI San Diego will end as we started:  with Mark Madsen. As some of you know, Mark was the first speaker at TDWI. He is so engaging, and is bringing a topic that is hot in the industry right now. Plus the symmetry seemed spectacular, so we hope to see you there!

This talk will discuss hidden design assumptions, review design principles to apply when building multi-use data infrastructure, and provide a reference architecture. Our goal in most organizations is to build a multi-use data infrastructure that is not subject to past constraints. This reference architecture has been used across many organizations to work toward a unified analytic infrastructure.

What are the design principles that lead to good functional design and a workable data architecture? What are the assumptions that limit old approaches? How can one integrate with or migrate from the older environments? How does this affect an organization's data management? Answering these questions is key to building long-term infrastructure.

In the same way that a data warehouse has a data architecture, the data lake has a data architecture. If one expects any longevity from the platform, it should be a designed rather than accidental architecture.
Building a data lake involves more than installing and using Hadoop. The focus in the market has been on all the different technology components, ignoring the more important part: the data architecture that the code implements, and that lies at the core of the system.

We are excited about this event and hope to see you there!

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Thursday, July 28 from 2:00 pm till 5:15 pm with a Happy Hour to follow.


Main Event:

AleSmith Brewing Company

9990 AleSmith Court (formerly Empire Street)

San Diego, CA 92126  


2:00 pm.


2:30 pm

Greeting and Sponsor Introductions

3:00 pm

Presentation:  "The Modern Data Warehouse – Architecting the Data Lake”

5:00 pm.

Sponsor Giveaways

5:15 – 7:00 p.m.

Happy Hour


Speaker Bio

Mark Madsen is the CEO of Third Nature, Inc.  He focuses on strategy and design for analytics and competitive uses of information.  His work covers business intelligence, integration, and information management.  His experience covers a broad range of activities, with a focus on information management and corporate technology infrastructure.  He has received numerous awards for technology and business innovation, including Smithsonian/Computerworld, APQC, International Benchmark Clearinghouse, and the Data Warehousing Institute.  Mark is a frequent contributor, presenter and trainer with TDWI.